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Residents will be given specific guidlines to ensure we keep your property looking it's best.  Aside from how to properly place their trash out for pick up, they are asked to bring their containers back inside their apartments before 9 AM.  This leaves your property looking it's best to tour future prospects.

Residents are asked to place their sealed bags of trash inside quality trash containers that are provided by Doorstep Disposal.  The container is placed outside their front door between the hours of 6 PM and 7:30 PM on the designated evenings.  Five nights per week.

The usual designated days for service are from Sunday to Thursday.  On those evenings our team members will begin to empty the containers at 8 PM.  They will take those items to the dumpsters or trash compactors and dispose of the rubbish.


Residents will bring the containers back inside

Doorstep Disposal comes by and picks it up

Residents Set their trash in container provided on designated nights

When it comes to valet trash services, the concept is simple.  We will provide the collateral with the proper instructions for your residents.  It will give them a designated time to have their containers outside their front door.  Our professional team will come out shortly after that time and hall the bags of trash from their doorstep the dumpster or trash compactor.  The services will be provided five nights a week.  

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